Maggie’s Books on Gardening, Cooking, and Entertaining

My love of gardening goes all the way back to my childhood in South Carolina, and my grandmother’s big vegetable garden on the family farm. I spent many happy summertime hours there with her, watching and learning. Tagging along behind her, I gradually absorbed the fundamental idea that gardening is all about growing food, for your family’s table and to share with others. So when I started writing, it was probably inevitable that I would turn to writing about growing vegetables.

And the next natural step is to take all that wonderful fresh stuff from the garden and develop ways to use in in the kitchen. I love to cook, I love to feed people, and I love good stories — and that has led me to a new avenue of writing about food.

Both passions — gardening and cooking — are at the heart of all my books, including the two most recent: Soup Night and The Bountiful Container.


Many of the books on the following pages are available primarily from online booksellers. If you would like, I will be happy to send you a personalized bookplate. Click to request.

Country Tea Parties

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