Maggie’s Books on Gardening, Cooking, and Entertaining

The Complete Herb Book. Profiles of more than 50 herbs, with more than 200 recipes. Also ideas on growing, harvesting, preserving and storing herbs, plus using them in crafts and do-it-yourself cosmetics. Available in both regular and large-size paperbacks.






The Complete Spice Book.

Everything you ever wanted to know about 30 of the most common spices. Includes 200 recipes, craft projects, and fascinating legends. Available in both regular and large-size paperbacks.


Helps sort out the plethora of common spices by describing their origins, history and culinary uses. A useful purchase for any library. – Booklist

The best way to enjoy this handy book is to read a chapter a week. That way, you can truly savor each of the thirty spices adroitly covered. –The Portland Oregonian

The Complete Herb Book, The Complete Spice Book

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