So my doodles look this: What would I want in my spring garden? Salad greens, for sure. But I know I can find mesclun blends and several kinds of looseleaf lettuce in the garden center, so I’ll just plan to pick up a few sixpacks in March. But I can’t do without arugula, and can’t always find it at the nursery, so let’s get some seeds. And radishes; love the pop of color they add to salads. But radishes are one of those plants that you have to grow from seeds. And they’re fast growers, so you can keep adding a few seeds all through the season. And then there’s beets, cool-season plants that grow best from seeds. I love them grated raw in salads and cole slaw, and I also love them steamed. The variety called Chioggia, with concentric pink circles inside, always looks gorgeous when sliced into rounds. But wait — is there a new cultivar this year? Turns out, there is: Avalanche, with white flesh. White! Who knew. Gotta try that.

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