Want to Help with My Next Book?

If you were looking for a book on herbs, what would be most useful to you?

  • Are you mostly concerned with how to grow them successfully?
  • Or how to use them in cooking?
  • How about harvesting, drying, other ways to preserve them?
  • Would you be interested in other ways to use herbs, such as natural beauty products (for example, hair rinse) or household items?
  • Of those categories – gardening, cooking, other uses, which is your strongest interest?
  • Is there a particular herb (or herbs) you especially want to know more about?
  • Do you enjoy “armchair gardening” — that is, reading stories and legends having to do with plants? For example, how they got their names, how they were used centuries ago, what symbolism they carry in the language of flowers, things like that?

I’ll let you know, in the next newsletters, how this idea is progressing. And let me say in advance, THANK YOU for your interest and your generosity.

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