Valentine’s Day Is All About Love

For your sister or brother and their spouse. Give them an extra-special date night by taking the nieces and nephews for the night. Take the gang to the skating rink, or pizza parlor, or whatever, and then have them all bunk at your place, spread out on the living room floor in sleeping bags. I promise you, the kids will love it.  Promise your own sweetheart a special night tomorrow!

For your minister. I think we all have this vision of our spiritual leaders as being so very serious and solemn about everything, but everybody has a silly side. And what better time to indulge. Give him or her a gigantic red lollipop, heart-shaped of course. Or a stuffed animal. Or balloons. Or a couple of windup toys for their desk, the goofier the better.



For anyone living alone. Some are alone by choice and some by circumstance, but almost all of them have a little pang of loneliness on this day when it seems everyone else in the whole world has someone special to celebrate with. Whatever you have planned with your own sweetie, work in an extra hour to do something special for one of those single friends (more than one, if you can manage). Drop by in the late afternoon with your kids and have them deliver a bouquet. Take a plate of homemade brownies and an IOU for movie night soon. Surprise them with an impromptu tea party; bring a teapot, a selection of teas, and cookies. Leave a nosegay tied to the front door, with a note from “your secret admirer.”


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