The Gardener’s Special Holiday

We’re coming up on one of the best days of the year.  June 21 — summer solstice – is traditionally the official start of summer. For gardeners, it has a different meaning. It’s the longest day of the year, the day they get to work out in the garden until almost bedtime.

Of course you’ve been celebrating June already, coming home from work, quickly changing into your gardening clothes, brewing up some iced tea, and heading out to the yard with a big grin.

But this one day is rather special, so take a moment to sit quietly in your favorite garden spot, admire the results of your hard work, and reflect on everything it means to you. Breathe deeply, take it all in, smile.



Then get to work! The roses need water and the weeds are smirking.

What, you think you got the day off just because it’s the Gardener’s Holiday?

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