Take a Bath in Chamomile

But wait, you ask. How do I create a chamomile bath? You could buy commercial dried chamomile and add it directly to the water, but then you’d end up with little flecks all over your body. If you’re crafty, you can make bath bags from cotton fabric, or put some of the dried chamomile in one of those screw-together tea balls, and float them in the water. But here’s the simplest way of all: toss in one or two teabags. Not kidding – commercial chamomile teabags, just as is, usually contain nothing but dried chamomile flowers (the part of the plant we use as the herb). You can double down on the benefits by sipping on a cup of chamomile tea while you’re soaking in your chamomile bath. As you start to relax, think about the families through the ages who did the very same thing, for the very same reasons. You may find yourself smiling.

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