Maggie’s Manifesto

Anyone who commissions the work of a collaborator/editor has every right to expect certain things:

  • perfect grammar,
  • perfect styling (e.g., fluent in “Chicago”),
  • scrupulous attention to detail, and
  • a well-honed sensibility for the written word.

I consider those so basic that they hardly deserve mention. Instead, I’d like to present other qualities in which I take great pride:

  • Skill at diagnosing organizational weaknesses and creating a fresh, lively structure as replacement.
  • Ability to communicate with authors in a respectful, professional, friendly manner that gets the job done with good feelings all around.
  • Ability to quickly capture author’s voice and write within it, to the point that it’s not possible to distinguish between my writing and author’s.
  • Fierce commitment to delivery dates. I always deliver a complete manuscript on time – always. No delays, no excuses, and no loose ends.

That I consistently deliver these attributes, in addition to a polished manuscript, is perhaps why so many authors and publishers come back for future projects. I am honored by their support and testimonials.

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