Maggie the editor

Developing an idea into a finished book can sometimes take a different path. When the author and an experienced editor/writer work together as a team to create and write the book from scratch, that is known as collaboration.  When an experienced writer agrees to do all the writing, using as a foundation the material and ideas of the person who will be credited as the author, that is the process known as ghostwriting. The line between collaboration and ghostwriting can become very thin indeed.


Writing/Editing Services

In my writing career, I have performed all these services: ghostwriter, collaborator, and developmental editor, and I have deep experience in all three. It just so happens that up to now all my work has been on business books, those written for a general audience. By virtue of that exposure, and combined with my own work experiences, I feel very comfortable saying that I have considerable subject-matter strength in the following areas:

  • Advertising/Promotion/ Marketing
  • Investing / Personal Finance
  • Human Resources, HR Development, and Diversity Management
  • Leadership Development
  • General Management Theory and Skills
  • Career/Life Planning and Personal Development
  • Small Business Management
  • Organizational Development

Today, I spend approximately half my time working on these types of projects, in one of the three roles described above (the other half is dedicated to authoring my own books). Generally speaking I am contacted by acquiring editors or by the author’s agent. And I’m pleased to say that they often come back. As you’ll see on the accompanying list, I have done multiple projects for the same authors and publishers.

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