Got a Cold? Make Some Soup.

It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s the ultimate comfort food. And in a very real sense it’s good medicine. Now that the cold season is upon us, I’d like to share some ideas on the healing powers of soup. Don’t worry, this won’t be overly technical, but I do want to start with the fact that there is a large body of serious research into the healing properties of many of the things we commonly put in soups. So while you may think you’re just cooking something nice for supper, with the right ingredients you’re also fortifying your body’s immune system and maybe you can help fight off’ the worst of the colds.

Here’s the core idea: First you make up a batch of soup base that incorporates those powerhouse ingredients, and then use that as the foundation for your soups. (I thought of calling it “superstock” but decided that was too corny. You get the idea, though.)

It’s easier for me to describe this overall topic in steps, which will be covered in detail in the next 3 posts.

Step 1: The Ingredients. What familiar soup ingredients are especially valuable for resisting colds?

Step 2: The Process. Here’s an easy way to incorporate those ingredients into a super-nutritious base that you can use as the start of many delicious soups.

 Step 3: The Recipes (sort of). Seven actual, tho casual, recipes for soups, and my permission to turn your imagination loose.

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