Gorgeous Galettes

Here it is – the easiest, most delicious, most flexible, most impressive, snazziest dessert ever. And did I say easy? You don’t need any special equipment, just your faithful cookie sheet; you don’t need any exotic ingredients, just luscious fresh fruit.

Blueberry galette.

 It’s called a galette (gah-let), and it’s essentially a free-form tart. That handmade, rustic, unfancy look is part of the genius. Honestly, you can’t mess it up.  I’ll describe the basic process and give you a few tips on specific types of ingredients, then send you off to create your masterpiece.

But first, a little family story, which is what brought this whole thing to mind.

In early September, my brother Tom came to visit from North Carolina, and one of the things we did was visit a U-Pick blueberry farm, Tom, my sister Alice, and me.

Brother Tom measures fresh lime juice.

In about an hour, the three of us picked four pounds of berries, which was enough for two galettes for us (two nights in a row) and four small ones to share with friends.

My sweet brother is a natural cook but had never made a pie; my sister is a whiz in the kitchen but she too was new to this particular item; and both of them graciously agreed to let me give them instructions.

Alice adds lime zest to just-picked blueberries.





Well, I’m the big sister; bossing people around is part of the job description. We set up a production line to make the four gifts, complete and ready to bake, added small instruction cards, and went out to deliver them, feeling just like Santa Claus. It was so much fun.

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