A No-Recipe Recipe

And you’re done!

Oh, what’s that you say? What next? Well, you have several options. (I’ll stick with the shrimp as examples, but of course the same applies to the other meats.)

1. Refrigerate your now-flavorful shrimp and add to a big salad for lunch.

2. Make your favorite deviled eggs. Just before serving, pull out the cooked shrimp from the refrigerator and slice them in half longways. Lay one half, flat side down, over each egg.

3. In between steps 2 and 3 above, add some vegetable that you love to the hot oil and saute until about half done. (It’s easier if you’ve prepared the veggies ahead of time.) This time of year, for instance, I would add asparagus and give it a 1-minute head start before adding the shrimp. Also good: broccoli, sweet red peppers, thinly shaved Brussels sprouts, sugar snap peas—or any combination. Squeeze fresh lemon over the whole thing and toss with hot cooked pasta or rice.

If you come up with other delicious ways to use your creation, please do let me know. (Use the “send Maggie a message” box at the bottom of every page. And if you give me permission, I’ll share with everyone in a future newsletter.

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