A Garden in Blue

Memories of my mother’s garden

When my mother died, back in 2005, I asked the young couple who bought her house if I could take a cutting from the beautiful blue hydrangea in her backyard garden, and they graciously agreed. From that one cutting, I now have the most gorgeous plant, in a place of honor in my garden. I’m not a good enough photographer to capture its true glory (besides, it’s huge) but this photo may give you a hint. It’s truly spectacular.

It makes me smile every day. 



So this year I decided to honor this beauty by riffing on its blueness. In front of it, I created a terraced effect from blue flowers in three heights: delphinium at the back (closest to the hydrangea), then blue hyssop, then the hardy geranium cultivar called Rozanne. It will be a year or two before all these new ones are really established, but in the meantime the hydrangea just keeps on giving us these knock-your-socks-off flowers.


 I think Mom would approve.


Delphinium, known as larkspur

Rozanne hardy geranium

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