Road Trip with My Sister

For three wonderful weeks in late April and May, my sister Alice and I traveled throughout North and South Carolina (where we all grew up), visiting family and old friends. Our beautiful aunt Margie, elegant and sassy. Our sweet brother Tom, quiet and solid. Cousins we didn’t know well but now do. Alice’s high school and college friends. Our long-ago next-door neighbor, who just turned 90.

Along the way, I realized a few things:

  • “Home” is a fluid concept.
  • Southern accents are fun.
  • Your kinfolk are always going to be on your side.
  • Don’t wait too long to visit the ones you love.

I managed to fit in a few speaking engagements on this trip, which added an extra level of happiness for me. I’ll tell you about one that was especially delightful.

I’ll also give you a quick tour of two amazing public gardens we saw. Hey, I write about gardens. What did you think I’d visit – bluegrass pubs or stock car racetracks?   Well OK, so I’ve done that too. Life is just so doggone interesting!

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